It's Just Machine

Search engine is nothing more than a very complex mathematical algorithm. It is a prime code that sorts websites by analyzing a variety of website factors. Each machine works on logical basis. Learn how does the machine work, adapt your work and there will be no chance you will fail to outsmart the machine.

Think Like One And You Get Results !

It isn't a rocket science. Follow my way of thinking and your website will be on the first page. There is absolutely no chance that you can't rank if you have at least the will to work. I will encourage you, don't worry.

White / Black / Grey Methods ?

I don't believe that such divisions of the groups exists in 2016. We all try to manipulate the machine, don't bluff. It is all about the point on the horizon and how fast you would like to get there as well as how long you would like to stay. Use tools and my knowledge wisely and you are far ahead of the others..

For Whom SEOowl ?

For You, for SEOers, for the beginner Internet marketers. For people who want things to be explained logically and briefly. For spammers and legitimate SEO agencies. I don't divide between White Hat or Black Hat techniques. We all manipulate the Search Engine results, no matter which technique we use. I leave the decision up. It depends on how close to the website's penalty your SEO strategy will be...