Relevance for ranking websites – SEOers Holy Grail ?

Relevance Google ranking factor exposed (at least to the point that helps you rank)

The term discussed from the past 2 years as one of the main ranking factors for Google, how revelant backlink sources are. We all hear it, how important the relevance is, how to make your site looks legit and finally, help you dominate Google rankings. Is that all a good backlink needs ? Obviously not, but surely it’s getting more and more important. It’s funny how easy it is to be fabricated.

Google relevance definition

Google relevance questions all of SEOers have are:

Is this site relevant to me ?

Can I link it to my money site ?

Is it safe to backlink ?

Will backlink on diet pills be ok for muscle gain pill ?

How to find relevant website?

How to find relevant website that I can place the backlink on?

…and so on.

What is RELEVANCE in terms of ranking factor ?

Revelance is bascially how much the website linking to other sites is related in terms of the topic (sorry, my definition, like to keep it short)
You will find dozens of smart and comprevensive definitions of RELEVANCE as ranking factor. What I’d like to tell you is my definition, how I fake it and make sure Google sees it as a valuable for your site and the world around it (tiers)

What is RELEVANCE for me ?

It’s just a keyword dear reader, just a keyword. Logical thinking is what will come from relevant article. It didn’t take me much time to figure it out, I’ve been using this definition and building my SEO world around for the past 2 years. In my opinion nothing will change in the algorithm in the closest future. Google machine works through counting words (keywords) and adjusting relevance by its own standards which, as you will see, aren’t sophisticated much.
You have to build the environment for your website (money site) around it from websites or articles (posts) sharing the same keywords and similarities. Wrap this keyword around the related article.

Why this works ?

You get backlinks from some portion of the text (posts, articles etc.) The texts are built around some topic that, like it or not, use some set of keywords. If the same keyword (+ its synonyms ) can be seen by google bots it builds authority that is based on our holy grail – Relevancy.
I always imagine Google algorythm as a sort of machine with the spherical shape that contstantlly rolls picking up hudge amounts of data, sorts them and keeps testing your website how it reacts to these data. It’s obviously just a part of a bigger picture but as I will always say, search engines are “just” machines.

Here is graphic that will help you understand what I mean

google relevance seo

How to use it ? Let’s get to work !

All is explained in the graphics but here is the essence of it;
1. Create Keyword Enviroment,
Based on your keyword, build the the world around it, backlink from related articles, domains that have keyword in it, also in domain’s names (got you thinking ???)
2. Think about websites chain (tiers),
Build relevancy within the whole tier structure (if you use such)
3. Anchors,
Important. I prefer not to use much money keywords. I wait and see if money site picks up revelancy naturally. Use naked URLs and all “natural” looking anchors. If I don’t see results I know it means that fighting for this keyword will be a challenge and then I start to use more direct keywords towards the money site (phrases I want to rank for)
4. Use synonyms,
It will keep you to stay more natural, circle around topis and keyword variants, use long tail keywords etc.

Have doubts? It means you think !

How Am I so sure ?

I’m not ! I just do it, I’ve made many SEO experiments in the past years not knowing what I should or shouldn’t do from SEO “guru’s”. At some point I’ve just trusted my understanding of the machine workings, seen results and ended up with evidence “in hand”.

It’s also logical for my mind as I treat Google as just a plain stupid machine that just can’t keep up with all the changes and the amount of websites in Internet. It needs mathematical calculation how to treat site A and site B relevant.
The most logical idea will be to start from the keywords.
Look, how come the health related blogs have so many links from health related sites ? I’m thinking about legit, not spammy sites.
Because they link from topic’s related articles, articles are built around some topic that, like it or not use some set of keywords. If the same keywords can be seen at site A and B it means they are (in some way) similar in terms of topic.

It’s not why ranking works to rank site B thanks to site A, it is just small (or rather big) cog in the machine

It can’t be true ! What about “General News” sites ?

Authority, rank increases due to the big authority of websites like CNN, popular magazines etc. You must remember I showed you here one of the ranking factors and my understanding of it. Since the start of the search engine ranking algorithm is based on words – so you have to focus on that area without super overcomplicated thoughts.
I think that would be all for Google relevant definition, I don’t also think there is more to be told, sure we can move into Matrix “The Machine” mood and discussed even futher. I like things to be simple and straightforward. Have “keyword” in mind and you should be fine, do it smart and see website ranks.

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