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January 2, 2016

Social Media Backlinks Myth


Social Media Signals Misconception

Hot topic from the previous 12-18 months. Social signals effect helps you to rank a website. Social signals, in my opinion, are understood wrongly by the majority of amateur and some proffesional SEOers.

Shortly, Google doesn’t want to hear about pieces of plain texts (texts without any links). It can’t see and read everything. It will never know it’s valuable just because it’s nicely written and its topic is popular. Machine will never understand what is brand name and what is a simple noun – it’s all the same for the machine.

Let me show you why.

Language evolves, thousands of dialects, new words and expressions are being made every day. How will the machine know that SumoMe (list builder plugin for WordPress) isn’t just some teenagers new expression ? It will never “catch it”.

What Google (or any other SE) gets is a link, backlink that is just string of letters if you use an anchor. It doesnt know if SumoMe should be treated as a term to rank for, a company name or just a mistyped word.

As long as there is not any link coming from any Social Media platform it’s worthless for Google to appreciate it. There must be a link for the machine cogs to start moving.

All starts with backlink, it’s battery for Machine


Why it’s important to have links from Social Media?

Beacuse there is a lot of traffic there. It is enormously big. Google’s eye moves where the traffic is. It was rather easy for people to code “Popularity comes with traffic, let show up in SERP what’s popular, because it’s probably a high quality content (lot of people comment, moderate etc.)” I know it’s a bit of an exaggeration but it’s logical for me. I have done dozens of small and big SEO tests. Each time I had the website stacked at the 2nd page and I built links from the relevant websites I had traffic with I have already seen boost in rankings. Proven.

Ok, let’s blast Facebook with 1000’s links

No, obviously don’t do it. It was easy for them to focus the search engine on the high traffic sites. They have also made the engine allergic to big amount of backlinks in a short time from those sources. Another reason is that most social media platforms aren’t made for articles with rich content in terms of word number, Google loves words and is cumbersome to build relevancy from 150 words twitter post isn’t it ?

Social Media links are NOFOLLOW !

You remember that right ? Before you buy any $500 service for social links blast make sure they won’t work. It might move a bit your position in SERP (I believe in a tiny NOFOLLOW links value) but that’s about it. The Machine, simple rules. They have come up with DO/NOFOLLOW tag for some reason..

Conclusion, make sure you understand my thoughts

Make sure you have that sort of backlinks, build them in time as regular links. Don’t trust in any social media miracle for SERPs. Important observation:

I noticed that websites with genuine social presence tend to bounce less in rankings

I know some of you might disagree with my point of view, I would never share any knowledge without strong documented observation from my websites. Backlinks are cogs, move cogs from relevant sources. Social media are just a good add on for me, at least for now…

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