Web 2.0s myths, facts and how to use it in 2016

Can Web 2.0s backlinks be counted as PBN links ? Can you build Web 2.0s PBN that works ?

No, no matter what you will read online WEB 2.0 will never be strong as regular domains, especially aged domains. It is also common that in past 24 months people blasted milions of web 2.0s with crappy content, Machine know it, see it and make sure those links arent much powerful. I know you read dozens of opinions that web 2.0s are strong but they are not. I treat them as just good contextual links source, good to power up 1st tier links. I almost never use them as first line of backlinks to my money site but Im not saying you can’t.

DA is high !

So what? Please don’t trust that web 2.0 blog benefits from high domain authority, biggest myth around !

No Follow / Do Follow Settings Guys!

Im just suprised how people “skip” checking this settings, Remember that some of the blogging platforms set links you make with the pre made TAG for Search Engine crawlers. Please pay attention to that “detail”. You can check the code but the majority of platforms have them pre made in a root code.


Using DO or NOFOLLOW sites (and the whole backlinks strategy) is up to you, I personally always use DOFOLLOW and I don’t care that much about about mixing NOFOLLOW links towards my money sites, its just unnatural to put any REL= tag in page’s code because I pretent to be regular internet user, right ?

Remember that I treat algorithm as a program, binary system, not AI myth Google tries to sell us.

How to use WEB 2.0s ?

If you have to link out towards your money site then you MUST:

  • Create Welcome post/page
  • Use Videos, pictures, quotes
  • Always make sure you have the Author / Bio page with the picture
  • They rearely link out

People that make genuine blogs on blogging platforms want to share their story, experience, show off (you name it) They place useful outbond links but not so often as regular website, thats why I advise you not to link out that much. Mix outbond links with the authority sources.

  • Keep posting articles

Again, people make blogs to write about something so they propably share some story from time to time. Keep posting !

  • Keep articles relevant to your final, targeted keyword (Important)

What I mean by relevant I explained in this article. Shortly, put keyword in the blog’s title (if possible) article headings, body etc. Try to have blogs url with keyword you like.

Limited to 2 pages ? Easy to spot for google’s radar

Here is an obvious sign of a blog done for pure SPAM purposes. You sign up and you are limited (most of the blogging sites) to 1 or 2 pages. You might think that’s fine, I just need to post one article and you are good. Well you are not ! Always try to be step ahead in SEO. Pay for full blog access if you can, get access to full features and post articles regularly. More natural you make blog in apperance then better !

Ok, but that’s too much work !

Is it ? Will those Web 2.0s rank website that can make you $3000 per month ? Still lazy ?

Remember that these days the quality of links count more than quantity ! Take advantage of it. Make 50 legit and strong backlinks in 90 days and you WILL SEE THE RANKINGS !

web 2.0 backlinks

Pointing to your 1s Tier line:

Here you can be much more lazy and have pure SPAM in mind. I only advise you to value keywords you use, use synonyms of money site keywords plus generic ones. IF you want to boost relevancy focus on the keyword synonyms.

Backlink your Web 2.0s

Means adding another layer of backlinks. To be honest the best is if you can use another set of Web 2.0s but I also use blog comments to help web 2.0s I have made.

Pay attention to its quality (whole tiers). The better they are (quality) the easier they are to sneak out from possible Google penalty. Quality rules and that is a good thing, you don’t need that huge amount of backlinks these days !


List of WEB 2.0s platforms sorted with DO/NOFOLLOW starndard

Thanks for reading and leave your comment if you have any questions, Wojciech


  1. Best 2016 Web 2.0s ultimate guide and I want to say that I am quite impressed with your professionalism on the subject!

    • Wojciech Tuleja says:

      I will write more about web 2.0s soon. I see there is big buzz around it now and I hope people will know how to use it right, stay tuned !

  2. Corey says:

    Fantastic piece of SEO writing dude. Im just not sure how you use spammed domains back again ?

  3. Thanks for suaring you thoughts on web20. Regards

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